With the rapid growth of tourists coming to Japan, the needs for Japan-related contents are essential to boost the growing market. Xymax Corporation and Japan's leading publishing company, KADOKAWA Corporation, teamed up to provide the contents in a way that appeals to our users' local tastes and understandings with the contents such as foods, culture, trends, places, events, activities to experience the unknown side of the land of the rising sun.

We bring the latest, accurate and trustworthy contents in response to our users' uniqueness that will make you feel Japan is next to you.

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Company name
Karaksa Media Partner Corporation
Ryuhei Mori
Head Office
1-1-1, Akasaka, Minato-ku, Tokyo
Data of Etablishment
June 19, 2017
25,000,000 JPY
(Capital Reserve: 25,000,000 JPY)
Xymax Corporation 66%
KADOKAWA Corporation 34%